Glenroy Boatswain

Creating beautiful web-sights, coded to perfection.

My name is Glenroy Boatswain and I was born on the 19th of January on the small Caribbean island of Grenada. My interest in computers started when I was a little boy making animated designs in Adobe Photoshop. I excelled in school as a young computer geek specializing in programming and designing. I went on to obtain my Bachelors degree in Information Systems which then allowed me to develop a huge appetite for web-design/developing.

I spend most of my days developing web design layouts and unique designs that allow me to be an outstanding web developer. Not only am I passionate about developing websites, I am also extremely interested in SEO and online marketing. I have been developing websites for over 4 years now and I enjoy every bit of. I have invested several years improving my skills and continuously invest time every day learning to things and improving my ability.  I am always excited about the next project and adding unique touches to each design.

Step. 01


I collect the requirements and details from clients, collect research data from customers and then analyze and compare the market results.

Step. 02


I develop a systematic approach as to tackle this new project including budget and timeline. I acquire all the necessary tools to complete the job.

Step. 03


I create wire frames, use case scenarios, conceptual layouts and low or high fidelity prototypes. All design solutions are validated with the customer.

Step. 04


This is the fun part. I implement all research and added functionality. The project is then deployed and I continue to provide maintenance services.